How To Look After Your Bath Towels

Last night, when I came home from the late shift at my London escorts agency, I read an article about personal hygiene. To my horror, I found out that we Brits have some of the most unhygienic bathrooms in the world. My takeaway from the article was basically that we spend more money on cleaning our kitchens that we do on cleaning our bathrooms. Sitting in my bed, I realised that most London escorts don’t clean their bathrooms enough.

Bathroom Cleaning

Ideally, you should clean your bathroom once a day. Yeah right I thought and wondered how I would fit that in before I embarked on my journey into the London escorts agency that I work for here in Greenwich. Like most other London escorts, I finish late and like to have a sleep in the morning. When I wake up, I have a quick breakfast and then I pop to the gym. Once home from the gym, I shower and then I am off. The only chance I get is to clean my bathroom is on a Saturday as I don’t work for London escorts over the weekend.

Cleaning Your Towels

One of the biggest problems is cleaning towels. I know that I am guilty of that. Most of the time, I end up using the same towels all week when I take my shower. The face towel is changed on a more regular basis. Once I notice some dark stains from my mascara, I do change the towel. Cheap escorts do have a tendency to wear makeup and some of it does end up on the towel. It is not easy to get all of the mascara off when you finish your London escorts shift. But, from what I understand, I should change my towels every time I had a shower and the face towel once a day. That would mean I would end up with a lot of laundry.

Best Way To Clean Your Towels

Just like with your bedding, you should wash your towels on a hot wash. The problem is that many manufacturers now only make towels that can be washed at 40 C. From what I understand, this is to do with global warming. The hotter the water the more energy we use. I am sure that it is true, but I do like to make sure I wash everything probably. On my days off from London escorts, I do spend a lot of time doing laundry and cleaning.

But, despite my best efforts, it seems I am not doing enough to keep my bathroom nice and clean. This weekend, I am going to check out the best cleaning products for my bathroom and towels. I think that I will have to invest in some new towels and cleaning products. Hopefully I will not finish too late on Friday night as I may have to get up earlier to make sure that I get all of my house chores down this Saturday now that I need to wash almost all of my towels.

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