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My relatives both my mother and mother side were mostly living in London. We were just the family living away from London due to the work of my dad that we need to leave London and live in away from there to be there with dad. I have no regrets then for I do still see my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents every weekend for dad will make it sure we will be in London during weekends and holidays. For me I do still feel that I live in London though it was a weekly routine for me but those days were filled with so love, laughter and memories that I even treasured as of the moment and for the rest of life to come.

That kind of routine was never stop even when I reached in college  and even now that I do have work on my own. During weekends I made sure that I come to visit my mom and dad in London for I send them back together in London for my dad was early retired all because of me for I want him to have some fun life and I will be the one to work for them. So I lend the house that we stayed in and I just bought a condo where I could have small things to attend to for I will just be living all alone. During the weekend my cousins and I were of the same of me have their own works and some of them were married and have their own kids already and unluckily it was only don’t have commitments amongst them. So when they figure it out they arranged me blind dates to every women they know. It was last month that closest cousin she is a girl and she really wanted me to go on a date and have my own family and so she give me card of London escorts from that card is passes that I could chose whatever services that I would wanted to have and she had already arranged me an encounter with a London escorts woman whom she had known that I do have a crush on. This woman happens to be one of the London escorts woman.

I do take the chance and meet that crush of mine. It was an amazing night for me for I was able to face a woman for the first time on date and on an intimate encounter with the woman that I do have a secret desire with. These girl is such a sweet woman that I could hardly resist the true emotions that I had for her. That night was not the only night that used to spend with her for I used to have her every night in my place and we even ended up living together to make sure that I will be with her every night and the moment that I don’t have work. My relatives then understands me of not coming in London during weekends for they know that I am with my woman.

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