September 22, 2022

Sex is known to be the highest form of exercise and has higher risks and rewards said by the girls at Charlotte Harrow escorts of It’s a fantastic thing to do, but it can also bring bad to you. To avoid the wrong things happening and always remain your hottest night as good as ever, I am giving you things you should avoid when having sex.

First, you should know that you are at risk of STDs when you have sex. It is not harmful to ask your sexual partner how is his/her sexual life. It is for your safety against infection that will lead to a massive disaster in your life. When you have sex without protection like a condom, you’re at a higher risk of disease. I know this is not new to you, but I would like to remind you that you need always to be careful as consistently as possible for sexually related diseases that could hardly be a cure in today’s world. Be alert all the time; make it a habit to practice safe sex always.

Second, be more open to using lubricant; you can still use condoms while using oil. Fat will help you not getting into severe tears that would bring you to medical practitioners. You have to be mindful that lubricants are made differently according to Charlotte Harrow escorts; they come up in different forms and functions. Like with oil-based lubricants, you can’t use them together with a latex condom; the oil-based lube will break down the latex, making the condom ineffective. Once you are using an ordinary condom, you need to use water-based lube or silicone-based lube. There are many lubes in the market. Make sure to know their functions for your safety.

Third, BE vigilant with the foods you put in your private area for some added fun to your sexual adventure. Be reminded that foods can break off and stuck that will bring so much harm to your health. If you have some things you put on your genital parts, make sure that it is safe. Make sure to use toys that have a stopper in order not to get lost.

Fourth, do not focus on the end game too much according to Charlotte Harrow escorts. Overthinking will lead to detrimental sexual health that could create tension. You have to know that sometimes you will not be going to come, it is beautiful. If you found your partner not going to the finish line too, then you have to do self-stimulation. Be more sensitive with your partner and be honest about what makes you come so that your partner will know what to do to help you reach.

Lastly, Make it gentle as possible. Please don’t be too harsh in doing it. The more relaxed and peaceful you will, the more you will enjoy it. Take it all nicely, tenderly, and well most especially when doing a new position. Suppose you found out that you have a vaginal tear take a break for a week. Allow it to heal.…