Understanding Premature Ejaculation in Adults

Today’s man suffers from anxieties and insecurities, and somehow these elements eat into his sex life and performance; they affect his endurance in bed. If you’re reading this because you want to learn how to last longer in the sack, you’re in the right place because this guide has eliminated all the myths to give you straight facts where your sex life is concerned says Kingston Escorts.

PE is defined as persistent and uncontrolled ejaculation which occurs prior to or within a minute of penetration. The obvious problem is that PE occurs when either of the partners doesn’t desire it. According to the journal of American Medical Association, nearly 1/3 of men between the ages of 18 and 59 experience premature ejaculation on a recurring basis; the tricky bit of PE is that it does not have a specific cause. Instead, it’s a complicated mix of anxiety issues, over-stimulation, or simply an acquired behavior. But regardless of the cause, it requires professional attention to untangle it says Kingston Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/kingston-escorts.

A great deal of a man’s sexual endurance puts focus on the idea that a real man needs to hang in there for hours without needing to orgasm – and that’s where the problem starts. While many people ride on the assumption that penetrative sex should last 30 minutes or more, actual intra-vaginal ejaculation should last around 7 minutes on average. According to the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, the actual sweet spot during penetrative sex falls between the 7th and 13th minute. 3-5 minutes is just adequate, while 1-3 minutes is really awful. And the truth is men don’t want to be awful or adequate during sex, so how can they perform well in bed?


70% of women can’t orgasm by penetration alone. Instead, they need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm; use this to your advantage.

If you want to provide her the orgasm she badly needs and you’re somehow worried about your hang time, becoming a master of non-penetrative sex is your best bet. You should learn to love oral sex or use toys to make women orgasm. Great sex is often a full body experience, rather than just some action that involve nipples or the vagina. Therefore you should try and figure out the things that make her grab you hard. These things also give you an OK signal to penetrate her. It will make you go down in her book or record as one of the very best lovers she ever had.

Allowing Your Mind to Stray

One of the reasons guys experience PE has to do with anxiety. Distracting your mind during sex is an art you must learn. But trying to desperately make yourself think of other things is the opposite of what you’re aiming at, since it only stresses on the fact that you’re anxious.

Furthermore, the purpose of having sex is to be with your partner, so if you allow your mind to stray too far, it beats the whole purpose. It’s like trying to please them rather than enjoying it together. So make sure you strike the correct balance here.

Don’t use drugs, unless your condition is serious and you’re under the supervision of a doctor. Instead, try the tips above and you will begin seeing changes the natural way.

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