Fetishes in Mayfair Escorts

I met so many characters at Mayfair escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/mayfair-escorts a wonderful escorts in Mayfair that I could write a book. One of my favorite guys was the Forever Gardner. He has a massive glass house in his home in Chelsea, and it was filled with different exotic plants. Brian, used to bring all his girlfriend’s here, and make love to them. He pretended that he was in the jungle with his girlfriends. I have to say that it did look like jungle, and he even had some animals. It was always hot in there, and I rather liked it.

One guy I dated at Mayfair escorts, had a fetish about feathers. He used to collect all kinds of different feathers and enjoy tickling hos girlfriends with them. We all know that ladies like vibrators, and he told me how he used to attach feathers to the handles of vibrators. The sight of them going around when he played with his girlfriend’s completely fascinated him, and turned him on massively. As a matter of fact, this guy just used to come watching feathers when he was with his girlfriends. That to me was a bit of a strange one, but it takes all sorts.

Another guy I dated at Mayfair escorts, was fascinated by gorillas. It was a good thing really because he did spend a lot of money on protecting gorillas in the wild. He said that he loves the way they moved, and everything they did. He used to have his own gorilla costume which he used to wear when he had guests around to his house. I went to one party, and he wore his gorilla suit all of the time. During the party he pretended that he was a gorilla who lived in this great big house in Mayfair. It was kind of funny.

Working for Mayfair escorts, you come across all sorts of unusual fetishes. When I worked there, I was always staggered about the many different crazy ideas that people had. Most of the time it was actually quite interesting to listen to what they had to say about them, and I did learn a lot what goes on in people’s heads. Still, I wonder how they get into thinking in that sort of way and there were times when I was a bit concerned. One thing I learned, was that it is always best to seem interested and actually engage them in conversation.

Sometimes I miss some of the characters I came across at Mayfair escorts. I still see Brian from time to time, and he has set about teaching me about plants. Plants have always been a passion of mine, and I am thinking about doing a RHS course in gardening. Brian wants me to come out work in his glass house and be his gardener. I am not sure about because maybe I will become part of his fantasy. Thinking about it, I could always keep my flat and rent it out. It would perhaps be an interesting job, and he is offering a good salary.


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